Clover Dreams, Where dreams come to life.
A very rare 5-leaf clover

Your dreams are unique to only you and to what is happening in your life now and tomorrow.  Let me help you to understand the meaning of your dreams and what you may need to know that is right around the corner.

I am a medium and a psychic who is able to interpret dreams through mediumship. Your energy is unique only to you. No two people feel exactly the same, and no one person feels exactly the same all of the time. As our lives change, so do we and so do our dreams.

I am able to connect to you through a psychic connection by reading your words and through that connection I am able to see and feel information that is embedded, mostly unseen, within the events of your dreams. Let me help you to help yourself by simply sharing your dreams.

Clover Dreams' purpose is simple: we are here to help you one dream at a time. You will receive a personal dream interpretation by a well-schooled and experienced medium. I have spent years at a spiritualist seminary college to learn psychic and mediumship skills to help people like yourselves by learning to guide yourself through your life and to heal your heart.

Sincerely, Erica Tabet

Dream interpretation books may not be the best choice for you because every person and every dream is different. The human soul and the human mind are complex beyond our understanding. Scientists are still learning about the human brain and exactly what our capabilities truly are. I don't personally believe that any one book can explain what humanity is still attempting to learn. Through mediumship, the meaning of your dream can be clearly understood and interpreted.

Our lives are constantly changing, therefore the meaning of the symbols within our dreams are changing as well.